Pro Admiral Harmonica 24 Holes
playlimba,Pro Admiral Harmonica 24 Holes,PlayLimba™,Harmonica
playlimba,Pro Admiral Harmonica 24 Holes,PlayLimba™,Harmonica
playlimba,Pro Admiral Harmonica 24 Holes,PlayLimba™,Harmonica
playlimba,Pro Admiral Harmonica 24 Holes,PlayLimba™,Harmonica
playlimba,Pro Admiral Harmonica 24 Holes,PlayLimba™,Harmonica
playlimba,Pro Admiral Harmonica 24 Holes,PlayLimba™,Harmonica

Pro Admiral Harmonica 24 Holes

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  • Sounds Of Nature - Eastar Admiral 24 Holes Tremolo Harmonica is typically designed for harmonica performance and competitions, its timbre, tuning and sound quality are up to the level of the recording studio.
  • Advanced Material-Specially supplied Phosphor Bronze Reeds , high sensitivity, weak tone clear, strong explosive force, durable and difficult to be broken, sound quality indemnifier. Advanced ABS combs,waterproof, durable and non-toxic. Thickened copper-nickel base plate, super-air tightness, resonance cavity vibration stability. Stainless steel cover plate, shiny and generous.
  • Exquisite Appearance - Sailboat laser carvings, Admiral's overpowering force sliding sideways, harmonica case’s painting is noticeable, colorful box exquisitely beautiful.
  • Specially Designed -15 screws to strengthen fixation, prevent air leakage, meeting any form of technical performance. Two-color combs, helping it quickly to find the correct position, reject the stage error. Limited position of the harmonica mouth, locking the air.
  • Package Contents - Eastar Admiral 24 Holes Harmonica, Harmonica Cloth, User Manual, High-grade Black Satin Covers Case, Hard-packed Colorful Box. 12-Month Product Warranty

1. Color: Silver
2. Key: Key Of C
3. Level: Professional & Performance Level Instrument
4. Material: Cupronickel、Phosphor Bronze
5. Item Weight:0.45kg
6. Package Size: 20(L) x 0.76(W)x 4.5(H)CM
7. Carrying Case Material: High-grade Black Satin Covers Case

Package included:
1 x Easter Admiral 24 Holes Harmonica
1 x Harmonica Cloth
1 x User Manual
1 x High-grade Black Satin Covers Case
1 x Hard-packed Colorful Box

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