Populele U1 - Smart Concert Soprano Ukulele 23″
playlimba,Populele U1 - Smart Concert Soprano Ukulele 23",PlayLimba™,Ukulele 1
playlimba,Populele U1 - Smart Concert Soprano Ukulele 23",PlayLimba™,Ukulele 1
playlimba,Populele U1 - Smart Concert Soprano Ukulele 23",PlayLimba™,Ukulele 1
playlimba,Populele U1 - Smart Concert Soprano Ukulele 23",PlayLimba™,Ukulele 1
playlimba,Populele U1 - Smart Concert Soprano Ukulele 23",PlayLimba™,Ukulele 1
playlimba,Populele U1 - Smart Concert Soprano Ukulele 23",PlayLimba™,Ukulele 1

Populele U1 - Smart Concert Soprano Ukulele 23″

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This is a practical learning ukulele for beginners. It adopted fingerboard LED light, Bluetooth / USB connection, APP video show and games to teach beginners to learn to play ukulele quickly and easily, even current players can use it to further their ability. The LED light on the fretboard will show the play locations, then the players just following the light, they can play a song. The APP videos include different modules of ukulele, the players can learn it gradually, and the games will help to enjoy the learning fun.

This 23" smart concert ukulele is specially for beginners. It is designed with LED lights on ABS fretboard to show the play locations, and players just follow the lights, then they can play a song. And it also adopts APP video shows and games to help beginners to learn to play ukulele quickly and easily. The APP videos include different teaching modules of ukulele, the beginners can learn it gradually, and the games are making learning more interesting. It is also suitable for current players to further their ability.

Main Features:

23" smart concert ukulele for beginners, a ideal musical gift for family, friends and ukulele learners.
Grade A spruce top board, European maple wood side & back board, Italian Aquila nylon strings, close type tuning nobs and rosewood bridge, exquisite workmanship and excellent sound quality.
Special ABS fretboard designed with LED lights showing the play locations, you can follow the light to play the ukulele, easy and quick learning.
APP teaching eliminating the high cost of tuition fees; video show + live guidance + game teaching mode, different ways for you to enjoy the learning; rhythm to chord to melody training ensures efficient teaching and learning; supports real-time recording, and you can share it to your social platform.
Comes with a ukulele bag, extra strings, picks and a USB charging cable.

● Tuition-free: APP teaching eliminating the high cost of tuition fees
● Time-saving: just spend 15 minutes every day, you will learn how to play easily 
● Interesting learning: video show + live guidance + game mode, different ways to enjoy the learning 
● LED guidance of locations, just follow the light to play, very easy
● All kinds of songs, you will always pick up one you like
● Multifunctional: a fun ukulele, an ideal learning tool for beginners, a perfect gift for your families, friends, and others

Size: 23 inch
Strings: Italian Aquila nylon strings
Material: A++ spruce panel and European maple
Charging time: about 2.5 hours
Lighting time: about 10 hours
Charging interface: micro USB
Fretboard material: ABS
Battery capacity: 800mAh li-ion battery
Supporting device: Android system 4.3 above ( support Bluetooth 4.0BLE ); for iPhone 4S, iOS 8.0 above, iTouch and above

Item Size: 60 * 20.6 * 7cm / 23.6 * 8.1 * 2.8in

Item Weight: 540g / 1.2lbs
Package Size: 67.5 * 23 * 11cm / 26.6 * 9.1 * 4.3in
Package Weight: 1860g / 4.1lbs
APP download: QR code in user manual


Package Includes:

1 x Poupulele Ukulele

1 x USB Charging Cable



Q: How is Populele "smart"?

A: Populele's 72-LED fretboard connects with the app via Bluetooth to show exactly how to play your favorite songs, giving beginners a quick and satisfying way to start their musical journey, and helping the experienced take their repertoire to the next level.

Q: Does Populele need a battery?

A: A rechargeable lithium battery is included in the Populele. The battery can be recharged with Mirco-USB port.

Q: How to Charge Populele?

A: 1. Populele can be charged by regular smartphone adapters with USB to Micro USB cable.

     2. Connect the USB charger cable to the charging port on the left side of the Populele.

     3. Connect the cable to a power source.

     4. The LEDs on the last fret will light up and indicate the progress of charging from left to right.

     5. Once the battery is fully charged, the 4 LEDs will not light up anymore (It usually takes about 3 hours to fully charge). 

Q: How long does the Populele last once it's fully charged?

A: Populele usually lasts about 10 hours after fully charged.

Q: How to tune my Populele? Which tuning should I choose?

A: Go to the Tools on the Populele App and choose Tuner. Rotate the tuning peg to change the pitch level of each string. Adjust the peg and repeatedly pluck the string until the needle goes to the center. We generally use the most common C6 GCEA tuning. If you are still confused, please contact us to request a video.

Q: Led light is not lit, what should I do if I don't respond?

A: 1. First look at the physical switch of the guitar is open, there is a small yellow button in the cabinet, the Led light on the neck will light up in sequence.

    2. If it is not already lit, please put the Poputar on the charging stand and charge it for a while to see if the Led light is on in the bottom row of the fingerboard.

Q: What if Bluetooth cannot connect?

A: 1. Did you press the yellow button inside to turn it on?

     2. Whether to connect via Bluetooth to the app

     3. Is there a light in the bottom row of the guitar that flashes? If it is low, charge it for 4 hours before connecting to Bluetooth.

Q: What should I do if the app is not recognized when playing?

A: 1. Apple phone: Open the settings, pull to the bottom to find the populele, click to see if the microphone is turned on.

     2. Android phone: In the settings to find out whether the function allowing the app recording is disabled, you need to enable this feature to use.


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