Folk Master Harmonica 24 Hole
playlimba,Folk Master Harmonica 24 Hole,PlayLimba™,Harmonica
playlimba,Folk Master Harmonica 24 Hole,PlayLimba™,Harmonica

Folk Master Harmonica 24 Hole

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  • Solid Brass Reed Plates.      
  • Laser Tuned & Tested      
  • Easy to Hold Design, Easy to play and fit your mouth.      
  • Easy Pitch Bend Reed System.      
  • Stainless steel Body.      
  • Double Plated, Engraved Reed Covers.      
  • Special 'Position' mark lets you be less likely to lose position, good for a beginner.      
  • Stable tune: Tremolo harmonica is played by several playing methods, for example, mandolin playing method, violin playing method, bass playing method, etc. It is able to play those methods better by the stable tuned Suzuki tremolo harmonicas.      
  • Measurements: 177x28x22mm      
  • Holes: 24      
  • Tuned to: C     
  • Style: tremolo 
  • weight:126g
Package includes:
  • 1x Suzuki Study-24 harmonica with plastic case.
  • 1x polishing cloth      
  • Instruction in English.    

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