Top 5 Best Kalimba Variants For A Beginner And Professional Musicians

Finding and selecting the best kalimba instrument could be quite confusing. This is due to the fact that there are various types, sizes, colors, and key specifications. In order to end up with the best selection, it is important that you carry out comprehensive research before making the decision to pay for one.

Before we jump right into our top 5 selection of kalimba instruments, just in case you are not fully aware of what the instrument is, here is a brief overview. The kalimba is a little instrument with a wooden soundbar and metallic keys. The kalimba is of South African origin, and it is also sometimes called the karimba.

The Karimba translates to a little wooden xylophone. The kalimba belongs to the family of instruments called the plucked idiophones or lamellophones. Without much ado, here are our top 5 picks of the kalimba.

1. PlayLimba™ 10 Keys Kalimba Wooden Thumb Piano

PlayLimba™ 10 Keys Kalimba - Wooden Thumb Piano mbira

This product is made of solid, high-quality mahogany wood resonance box and 10 carbon steel metallic keys. The unique construction of this kalimba makes it possible to produce unique sounds when played.

This Kalimba is easy to pick up and play without in-depth knowledge of musical instrument knowledge. This Kalimba is handmade, and it is made to the highest quality of standards.

A coursebook and music book is included while being shipped to make playing it easier. This Kalimba is an awesome gift to children, as it will help them develop their natural music skills. It costs $65 only.

2. PlayLimba™ 17 Keys Kalimba - Wooden Mahogany Thumb Piano

This unique kalimba is made up of 17 keys that will give you the ultimate relaxation and de-attestation while being played.

It is hand-made with mahogany wood and is very easy to play. It's small and portable design makes it possible to carry this unique musical equipment anywhere you go.

This instrument, just like every other kalimba, can be tuned with a real tuner or a downloaded app. It can also be tuned with a tuning hammer. This Kalima is priced at $60 only.

3. PlayLimba™ 5 Keys Kalimba - Rosewood Hand Piano Instrument

This 5-key kalimba instrument is made with high-quality rosewood and awesome aluminum sounding bars for keys.

Due to it simple construction, this kalimba is easy to play, and it produces great sounds when struck. It is hand-made, and it's made from high-quality materials. This particular kalimba is priced at $51 only.

4. PlayLimba™ 17 Keys Kalimba - Transparent Keyboard Instrument

PlayLimba™ 17 Keys Kalimba - Transparent Keyboard Instrument

This crystal acrylic Kalimba is priced at $ 105, and it has a crystal acrylic body and fine ore metals for soundbars.

This kalimba is also hand-made with the highest quality of materials. It is designed to declutter and relax the mind. It is so easy to play that anyone (even children) can play it without any prior music knowledge.

5. PlayLimba™ 8 Keys Kalimba - Beginners Mahogany & Camphor Wood Thumb Piano with Lanyard

PlayLimba™ 8 Keys Kalimba - Beginners Mahogany & Camphor Wood Thumb Piano with Lanyard
This particular kalimba is made with 8 impressive steel keys. It is designed to the highest quality to be tough and flexible.

It is also handmade with solid mahogany of the finest quality. It is extremely easy to play by any and everybody. It comes in at just $60.